Operisoft Solutions LLP, a new generation Products & Services Company offering end-to-end domain specific solutions in the field of Science and Research, Engineering Design, Academic Institutions, Manufacturing & Equipment Design, Plant & Chemical Industries coupled with Enterprise Application Development and Management Solutions, provide a full range of Scientific and Business Software solutions to the customers with the Strategic Global Alliances.

We have been instrumental in meeting the needs and requirements of various end-users in various domains like Urban Development, Infrastructure Development, Natural Resource, Water Resources, Public Health, Public Utility and many more. We have also played a vital role in bringing various technologies like CAD/CAM/CAE, Digital Prototyping, CFD Visualization & Analysis, GIS & Remote Sensing, Water mapping technologies to our customers.

We help our customers by providing Software Products which fits into their requirement. We deliver business solutions, which are designed, based on customer needs and customize according to the requirement.


Automotive Manufacturing 

We are helping automakers and suppliers of all types to automotive companies with our state of art Software Technology from PTC Creo, PLM & SLM solutions. We help driving the innovation and creativity with our 3D Printing Solutions - from Divide by Zero

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Art & Creativity

3D Printers are machines that  can manufacture nearly anything from a virtual computer model by “printing” material layer by layer producing a physical object. We help the artists, designers, and innovative art makers by converting their imaginations into the reality. 

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Education & Research

Academic Institutes, NITs IITs and other leading colleges of India & world provide the fresh brains with innovative ideas and latest research in the field of Engineering, Science, Art & Culture. We help these institutes by establishing the Center of Excellence, Academia-Industry Partnership, Providing Lab assistance, setting up the research Lab with the latest Technology.  Know More >>

Industrial Machines, Equipments Manufacturing & Product Designs 

We are helping the industry with our latest technology in the field of Design - from PTC. for e.g. IoT (Internet of Things), PLM & SLM and PTC Creo with their reach extensions. 
At the same time, we help them with the Rapid Prototyping machine (3d Printers), which drastically reduces the time required for the prototype approvals and thereby improving the production to meet the market demand.


Medical & Healthcare

3D Printers are considered to be a boon to the Healthcare industries. Now a days lots of medical equipments are 3D Printed. For e.g. 

Medical Models,  Prosthetic Parts Surgical Tools and other lots of medical equipments. 

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Pharmaceutical Industries

To make new Pharma Equipments, bottles, packaging materials, Lab equipments - 3D Printers are used. Top medical device companies around the world rely on PTC PLM to deliver a single source of truth for the product development data and processes that are essential to delivering dependable, high-quality, safe and compliant solutions to support patients and their families.

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Architecture Engineering & Construction (AEC)

We are helping the customers from AEC domain - Owners/Developers, Builders, General Contractors, Consultants (MEP, Structural, Plant), Architects, Interior Designers - with the Autodesk Flagship Product - AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT. The BIM (Building Information Modelling) adoption is our main agenda in the AEC fraternity - thru Autodesk Revit. 

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Government Bodies/Municipal Corporation/Urban, Land, Infrastructure Development

Real Time GIS, Imagery and Remote Sensing, Mapping & Visualization, Geodesign, CAD, Spatial Analysis, Feature Extraction - Some of the essential tools required by Govt. departments, Public Works, Land Administration dept., Urban & Regional Planning,  Defence etc. - ESRI ArcGIS is the answer for all of these needs; Alongwith Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3d and AutoCAD Civil 3d

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Plant & Process Industries

Create, modify, and manage piping and instrumentation diagrams faster and more accurately with Autodesk AutoCAD® P&ID software. Built on the latest AutoCAD® platform, AutoCAD P&ID is easy to use and familiar to designers and engineers, so design teams can start quickly with minimal training. Common tasks performed every day are streamlined to help boost productivity, while component and line information can be easily accessed by designers as they work. 

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